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Welcome to CCTVMiami.Co, an online store dedicate to helping you protect you home and business with the best surveillance products available today. We the explosion of the internet as well as the DIY market it was only a matter of time before our business moved from a brick and mortar environment to an almost exclusive online retailer. What makes us a lot different then than many selling products online is that we bring more than 30 years of experience as installers, contractors and services providers to the local CCTV and Security market trade. Put that together we are Amason Prime check out option which gives Prime member super fast free shipping on may items found on our websites and you have yourself the price with the fastest shipping and the broadest selection of products in the South Florida area.

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Protecting you home or business has gone from something rather complex and costly to something rather simple and quite affordable. At CCTVMiami.Co, you will find a wide range of security cameras and CCTV DVR system to suit just about any application. You will also find our low prices quite attractive, and our selection, exceptionally satisfying even by CCTV nerd’s standards. No, we don’t recommend any of this system for high-security requirements of a bank or any place like that, nor do we make any claims that these are the best home security camera system in the market today.

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What we offer are wired, wireless, and IP security camera systems that the average weekend warrior, DIY enthusiast can install and be quite proud of it! After all and with more than 30 years in the business we’ll tell you, in many instances the home security camera systems you find here will rival what many independent ADT security specialist are offering consumers on a daily basis. Moreover, we have a lot of small independent security consultants and installers buying from us because our prices and selection is better than many local CCTV camera wholesale places.