LaView 8 Channel / With ONLY 4X 1080P IP Camera Security System

There are a lot of times when people shortchange themselves by purchasing a CCTV security system that does not have enough recording channels. Let’s say that the only need for cameras but after purchasing and installing the system they realize they have a blind spot. At this point in time, it is too late to upgrade. LaView 8 Channel CCTV System with 4 Cameras was put together with upgrading in mind. Consisting of only 4X 1080P IP Cameras this 8 Channel 1080P IP PoE NVR w/2TB HDD has plenty of room for upgrades. More important it has room to upgrade to the type of camera you need rather than what comes in the box.

Although not an ultra high-end system with full 1080p resolution the LaView 8 Channel CCTV System with 4 Cameras is a step above what many security consultants will advise for a small business and or residents.