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Never has it been more affordable and easier to protect your home and or business with a professional quality security camera system. At CCTVMiami.Co we make it our business to seek the best prices, best-reviewed surveillance equipment available today. Don’t let anyone give you a story about their systems is better or unique. From Swann security camera system to Eclipse DVR we have you cover.

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CCTV Camera Systems

While many people would not know where to start if they had to change the oil in their vehicle, if you have ever done it, you may feel guilty about paying SEARS, Walmart o any other quick oil change place $25-30 bucks to have them change the oil on your vehicle! The same goes for installing a CCTV system. Just a few hand tools and our CCTV in a box system is all you need!

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Spy & Hidden Cam

The term spycam and or spy camera covers a wide range of options and applications. As the name describe this types of surveillance cameras are design to look inconspicuous. More often than not they are disguised as ordinary-looking items such as alarm clocks, motion sensor, smoke detectors and others. However, nanny cams can also look quite ordinary in appearance.

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IP Cameras Systems

Analog CCTV Cameras are still the choice for professional installers seeking a high resolution, high contrast picture. This is something IP cameras, while feature rich, lack.  However, IP cameras technology has advanced to a level that they have are starting to challenge the picture quality of analog cameras. Take a look at the hand selected IP camera offered at CCTVMiami.Co

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Welcome to CCTV Miami the one place where you will find the best CCTV systems and the price on the latest security monitors and recorders. CCTVMiami.Co is an online discount store specializing in the sale of surveillance systems and accessories. We carry a broad range of products ranging from complete video security system to CCTV security cameras, Wireless surveillance cameras, nanny cams and even spy cams. If you are looking to protect your home or business with a CCTV security system, you are at the right place.

Why You Need More Than Just a CCTV System for Your Home

Why do you need a CCTV System?

There are many reasons why you should install a security camera system. For starters, even the best home security systems may not be as secured as you may think without the watchful eyes of a good CCTV camera and NVR system. It is for this reason that security cameras have become an integral part of any high-security commercial or residential security camera system. Why? Well, motion detectors, contact switches, and even laser beam sensors can’t tell us, how many thieves were there? How tall were they? What were they wearing?